Kristi Soli is the inventor of PotPants offers the perfect decorator’s solution to unsightly plastic hanging plant pots.  Pot Pants cover not only the pot, but the  hanger wires in beautiful, quality fabric, creating an accent in décor.

The view of the most lovely plant suffers from the blunt appearance of the container. Now the pot can be transformed to a complimentary counterpart of color and consistency.

Pot Pants™ features:

  • Indoor / outdoor use
  • Washable
  • Easy to install / remove
  • Change your decor seasonally
  • Inexpensive, versatile

Cover your plastic hanging pots and make your plants and flowers look more beautiful. Pot Pants™ is a unique home décor product that covers hanging baskets and changes the pot into a beautiful, seasonal decorative accent. Enhance you garden, porch, or patio with this washable, easy to install covering.

Cover your plastic pots with style

PotPants® is a “NEW” Garden product decorating plastic hanging plant and flower baskets and their gangly wires in designer fabrics. Potpants® is an inexpensive option to costly moss baskets or uninspiring, passé, macramé hangers.

Made of washable/weather resistant fabric, with a mesh bottom for drainage, in a variety of colors and seasonal designs, PotPants makes it easy to update your Home and Garden in less than three minutes.

Hang them on your porch, shepherds hooks, or anywhere you have your hanging plants. PotPants are the latest trend in Garden accessories.

Visit PotPant.com to purchase.