Meet the characters

Mrs Jones

Mrs. Jones is a Puli, a Hungarian herding dog. She is very pleasant, gentle and has made lots of very different friends.


Tiger the yellow bird is artistic and loves bright colors. Because she can fly off, she doesn’t put up with rude behavior.

Mrs Jones Tea Party character, Tiger


Nicki the Terrier likes to play and sometimes plays rough. He often grabs food out of a hand or off a plate.

Mrs Jones Tea Party character, Nicki


Jax the squirrel is a big tease. He is fast and can run up a tree and chatter a laugh after he plays a trick on someone.

Mrs Jones Tea Party character, Jax


Midnight the hamster very shy but friendly. He sometimes needs a little encouragement to join in a conversation.

Mrs Jones Tea Party character, Midnight

One day, Mrs. Jones thinks of a way to get her friends together – a formal tea party! It would be a pleasant visit with no chasing or rolling in the dirt, but can they all mind their manners?